Torchlight Educational Academy & Tutoring Center 
(TEA) is a private independent school that offers:
 God centered education 
*separate classes for boys and girls after grade 5 
* co-educational college prep classes for students in grades pre-k through 8;
* small class sizes; 
* a challenging and exciting curriculum;
* extra curricular activities; 
* a safe and nurturing learning environment; and
* academic excellence   

Our Philosophy
To provide our students with a complete, foundational education for a lifetime of growth and wonder.  We work to ensure that each child receives the basic building blocks in all facets of education in a caring and supportive learning environment.  We instill our students with the skills and tools to keep the love for learning alive. 

We offer: 
1) creative, independent thinking, goal orientation, self confidence and                  the quest for personal excellence for each student; 
2) An educational environment which radiates high expectations and the               means to achieve them and 
3) love, consistency, attention and compassion for each student. 


"Education is the torchlight of a civilization.  If the Torchlight goes out, the civilization goes down."  Elijah Muhammad 

Education is The Key!

Shawn Muhammad, CAO 
Al-Nisa S. Muhammad, Founder and Director 

Meet Our Staff 
Alice Akbar
Basimah Muhammad
Jeannette Haskins 
Keyannah Burwell 
Lawrence Muhammad 
Naimah Keys-Muhammad 
Tiana X Blakewood
Tracy Muhammad 
Wali Mustafaa
Yolanda Mustafaa 

2015 - 2016 

Applications are currently being accepted for the 
2015 - 2016 school year.  

Space is filled on a first come basis, with siblings of current students receiving priority.   

There is a registration fee of $200.00 per family.    

To have an informational packet mailed to you. 
Please call 973 - 200 - 5091 or email the director at

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We are Located at
ORANGE, NJ 07050

Torchlight Educational Academy with Student Minister Nuri Muhammad of Indianapolis, Indiana