Our curriculum is in line with NJ Core Content Standards.  It also focuses on using effective teaching methods while creating a positive atmosphere conducive to effective learning.  Our Goal is for each student to gain confidence, motivation and a joy of learning which is essential to continued growth and success. 

Community Service

Our Students have donated time to the following places:
*Adelaide L. Sanford Charter School
        *Jazymin's Day Care - Newark, NJ  
*Councilman Ron C. Rice's Office preparing  Food for the                Community 
*Newton Street School
*Georgia King Village Food Drive  
*Newark Clean Up
Character Virtues

Our Staff, students, and parents at TEA will work together to help each student reach his/her full potential in academic and moral maturity.  Toward this end, staff will make every effort to keep students focused on the following ten Character Virtues, which are our Core Values in school, the work place and society at large. 

1. Responsibility:  to fulfill one's obligations in a timely manner
2. Perseverance: to demonstrate "stick-to-it-ness"
3. Respect: to treat others and oneself with courtesy and care
4. Kindness: to care for others by offering help and showing gratitude
5. Truth: to be sincere in character
6. Citizenship: to fulfill one's responsibility
7. Courage: to act bravely and honorably when there is risk involved
8. Self-Discipline: to manage one's time and energies wisely
9. Fairness: to use the concept of equality making sound decisions
10. True Friendship: to select and to be true friends 

"We must remember that intelligence is not enough.  
Intelligence plus character - That is the goal of True Education"
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
 Primary                   Middle School                   
Math             Math/Geometry                                   
Writing             Writing             
Reading                 Novels                  
Spelling                Vocabulary              
Religion          Religion              
Science          Science 
Geography        Geography                 
Black History  Black History                
Current Events     Current Events                  
Nutrition       Nutrition                 
Art              Femininity        
Military Drill Military Drill                     
Library           Library                            
Computers      Computers                                          
Handwriting     Handwriting                
Spanish/Arabic      Spanish/Arabic                 
Physical Ed      Physical Ed             
Home Economics      Mannerism              
          Manhood Training           
Courses Offered