Tutoring Center 
Dear Parent, 

Congratulations - you've taken the first step in helping your child achieve academic success! You will soon see how Torchlight's "Rotational Approach to Learning" combined with One-to-One Instruction and small group settings can truly help your child develop skills that will last a lifetime.

At THE TUTORING CENTER, we have a clear mission for every child who studies with us

First, your child will develop stronger academic skills in Reading, Math, and Writing 
Second, your child will develop better concentration, focus, and attention span 
Third, your child will gain more confidence and motivation 
Fourth, your child will develop stronger Test-Taking and Study Skills 

When you enroll with us you will help turn your child's future from a day-to-day challenge into a lifelong success story.

The Tutoring Center is designed to help each student maximize their potential by focusing on  their individual needs.   

Registration and Assessment Fee $25.00 

Private Tutor $25.00/hour 

Group Lesson $15.00/hour 

Tutoring available in all subjects.  
Preparation for all state mandated test SAT, NJ ASK, 

Our Goal is to increase test scores, confidence, motivation and make learning fun which is essential to continued growth and success.
Summer Enrichment Program 2015
Program Description

Torchlight Educational Academy's Summer Enrichment Program is directed and staffed by Torchlight's Summer Faculty. 

Mathematics, Reading, Writing and Science Lessons center around Weekly Themes.  this approach allows students to learn while diversifying content and keeping the subject matter fresh and interactive. 

Educational Objective 

Torchlight Educational Academy's Summer Enrichment Program is designed to supplement the academic and social growth of students entering grades Pre - K 3 through 6th Grade.  The Enrichment Program Academic curriculum focuses on the development of higher order reading and writing skills; mathematical and scientific inquiry and problem solving.  Visual and Performing Arts, Athletics, Gardening and Computers enhance the daily academic and personal growth of each student. 

Typical Daily Schedule 

8:00 - Breakfast and Morning Meeting 
8:30 - Literacy Giants 
(Focus on the Writing Process) 
9:15 - Awesome Authors 
(Focuses on Reading Comprehension) 
10:00 - Creative Calculations 
(Focuses on Math Operations) 
10:45 - Scientific Investigations& Weekly Thematic Activities  
11:15 - Lunch
12:15 - 3:15
Cultured Monday - Visual & Performance Arts 
Tired Tuesday - Athletics 
Wacky Wednesday - Arts and Crafts 
Talented Thursday - Board Games 
3:15 - 4:00 - Afternoon Snacks and Prepare for Dismissal 
Every Friday is Field Trip Day 
This is a sample schedule that will be adjusted for grade level differences

Registration Information

All forms can be picked up or mailed to you.  All applications and fees must be submitted by June 29, 2015 for both Sessions.

There is a registration fee of $50.00 per family. 

Program is designed for all children entering Kindergarten through Grade 6

Price is $360.00 per session, (Sibling Rate does apply)

Program time is from 8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m. (Before & After Care is available at an extra cost) 

Breakfast, Lunch and a nutritious snacks will be provided.

Enrollment is on a first-come, first serve basis.